uses Trados Studio filters and forget about search and replace!

We are confident that has happened to you some time while you were checking your translation, you have found an article that explained you perfectly the theme that was your translation and did decide to change some terms by others. On these occasions, the first thing you think about is the option “Search and replace”, but and if there is an even faster way of doing these corrections? You’ve heard of Trados Studio filters? No? Because we are going to remedy it;).

Filter segments

Trados Studio filters are very useful when you need to search any term both segments of origin and of destination. We can also do this with the function “Search and replace”, but while this function shows you one one results, filters them show you all at once and at a single glance you identify segments where you have to make changes. Let’s see where these filters.

To use this fantastic function, you have to go to the tab «review». You’ll find the filters on the right side of the toolbar, next to the options of ‘Quality Control’.